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ATX Redundant Power Supply Unit -2 x 400W

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ATX Redundant Power Supply Unit -2 x 400W
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ATX Redundant Power Supply Unit -2 x 400W
ATX Redundant Power Supply Unit -2 x 400W

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The redundant power supply provides additional security to your equipment:

This redundant power supply was designed for industrial chassis or server of maximum 2 x 400 W.
The two units are independent and supply the power without interruption, avoiding the stall of your server. If a unit is out of order, you+ll still get the power from the second unit.
In the event of a failure, a sounding alarm warns you so that you can manage to power off the server
the best possible way, and schedule the replacement of the unit.

Product benefits:

- No server stall even in the event of a failure on one of the units
- The faulty unit can be replaced while the system is in operation
- Sounding alarm
- The Power Factor Correction suppresses the odd harmonics and enhances the system performances

Main features:

- Maximum output power: 2 x 400 W
- Motherboard connector: 20/24 pins, P4
- 2 x 38-mm fans
- 7 x Molex connectors
- 1 x 7-pin floppy connector
- Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 200 mm
- PFC active system
- Voltage/ current : +3.3V(24A)+5V(35A)+12V(18A))-12V(0,8A)+5Vsb(2A)-5V(0,5A)
- Efficiency: 65%
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Alimentation ATX redondante 2x 500W

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