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Universal switchable coded lock K-lock/Wedge/nano

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Universal switchable coded lock K-lock/Wedge/nano
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Universal switchable coded lock K-lock/Wedge/nano
Universal switchable coded lock K-lock/Wedge/nano

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Secure your entire computer fleet with the universal 4-digit code lock and its adjustable head for Kensington, DELL and HP

You manage a heterogeneous fleet of laptops, you want to secure each device with an anti-theft device without going into detail about the brand or the type of notch available on the laptop. The universal lock with 4-digit code and its adjustable head is your best choice!

DELL notebooks and Ultrabooks are equipped with the new Noble Wedge mini notch
(3.2 x 4.5mm), the new HP Nano has an even smaller notch (2.5 x 6mm) than the classic K-Lock type notches (7 x 3 mm) can no longer be used.

The new keyless lock with adjustable head is also equipped with a 4-digit lock offering up to 10,000
combinations and its 2-meter steel cord with smoked PVC sheath, it allows you to attach your computer to an anchor point fixed (table leg, post, etc.)

Using a simple flat screwdriver select position 1 to adjust the head to the dimensions of the Noble Edge slots, position 2 for the Nano slots or position 3 for all the other K-Lock type slots

More product:
- Suitable for all anti-theft slots in laptops and peripherals (screen, dock, etc.)
- Locking 4 codes - 10000 code possibilities
- Thin anti-theft device, suitable for UltraBooks

- Dimension of the anti-theft lock: Diam. 12mm - long 26mm
- Notch type rotary selector:
# position #1: Wedge anti-theft notch 3.2 x 4.5mm (DELL type)
# position #2: Nano anti-theft notch 2.5 x 6 mm (HP Nano and Samsung type)
# position #3: standard 3 x 7 mm anti-theft slot (Kensington type)
- Steel cable diam 4.4mm made up of 6 metal strands with smoked PVC sheath
- Crimped loop to attach to a desk leg - Diam. max anchorage 36mm
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DACOMEX Antivol à code universel  K-Lock / Wedge / Nano

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